Gnupg-users digest, Vol 1 #1088 - 5 msgs

Joseph Bruni
Sun Feb 9 19:03:02 2003

>> Hello all,
>> When building GPG 1.2.1 on HP/UX 11.11 with the non-bundled C compiler, I
>> into a snag with the ./intl/gettextP.h file. It appears that HP's compiler
>> doesn't recognize the "inline" keyword, and dies when it hits the definition

>> the SWAP function.
>> Adding "#define inline" to the header file allowed me to compile gpg
>> just fine using all the default options. Perhaps a test could be
>> added to autoconf to look for C compilers that don't support
>> "inline"?

>There is a an autoconf check for inline.  It is strange you had a
>problem with a P.h file - is this a clean source tree or did you build
>GnuPG on a different machine first and copy the files over to build it


This was a clean source build. During my attempts at getting this to compile, I
always blew away the directory and untar'ed the source again, just to make sure
there were no cooties left over from previous build attempts.

If autoconf does check for "inline" what does it do if it's not available?
Perhaps the code in gettextP.h is not using whatever macro autoconf is setting

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