inline problem

David Shaw
Mon Feb 10 03:16:02 2003

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 10:04:15AM -0800, Joseph Bruni wrote:

> >> Adding "#define inline" to the header file allowed me to compile gpg
> >> just fine using all the default options. Perhaps a test could be
> >> added to autoconf to look for C compilers that don't support
> >> "inline"?
> >There is a an autoconf check for inline.  It is strange you had a
> >problem with a P.h file - is this a clean source tree or did you build
> >GnuPG on a different machine first and copy the files over to build it
> >here?
> >David
> This was a clean source build. During my attempts at getting this to
> compile, I always blew away the directory and untar'ed the source
> again, just to make sure there were no cooties left over from
> previous build attempts.
> If autoconf does check for "inline" what does it do if it's not
> available?  Perhaps the code in gettextP.h is not using whatever
> macro autoconf is setting up?

autoconf defines inline in config.h, and all of the intl/ files seem
to include that before including gettextP.h.  Can you tell me which .c
file is breaking?  Also, what does config.h show for "inline"?


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