why must gnupg user-id "real names" be at least 5 characters long?

David Shaw dshaw@jabberwocky.com
Mon Feb 10 03:07:03 2003

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 12:19:08AM +0000, tav wrote:
> rehi all,
> when generating a new key, gnupg insists on the "Real name" aspect of
> the user-id to be at least 5 characters long:
> 	Real name: tav
> 	Name must be at least 5 characters long
> why is this?
> can i just comment out:
>     else if( strlen(aname) < 5 )
>         tty_printf(_("Name must be at least 5 characters long\n"));
> or, is there some need for the "Real name" string to be that long?
> in the past, i have overcome this by providing "tav -" as my name, then
> the user-id becomes "tav - tav@espians.com", but i would like to create
> a key with just "tav" now...

Use --allow-freeform-uid to remove any restrictions on the user ID.

> also, this leads onto the question of what the user-id is used for?
> could someone give me a brief summary please? (apologies for not reading
> the openpgp spec to find out. the 70 odd pages is a bit much for me.)

It is used to identify the owner of the key.  When someone signs your
key, they are actually signing the user ID plus the key data.


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