Removing passphrases and setting output file?

Joseph Bruni
Thu Feb 20 02:07:01 2003

Decrypting a file will require either a secret key with no passphrase 
or a passphrase supplied via a file descriptor specified on the 
--passphrase-fd option. If the file containing the passphrase is as 
readable as your secret ring, you might as well not have a passphrase 
and save yourself some work.

Encrypting a file should not require a passphrase unless you want to 
sign it too. --output should work in order to set the name of the 
output file. What is the command line you are using for encrypting?

On Wednesday, February 19, 2003, at 12:59 PM, Jason Hihn wrote:

> I wish to automate some processes that deal with sending out and 
> receiving
> secure files. I am under the impression that I must remove the 
> passphrase to
> do this. Am I mistaken?
> Also, how can I set the output file? Right now the file shows up 
> between a
> bunch of GPG messages on the console. -o and --output are not it.