Announcement for WinGEAM 0.9.0

Timo Schulz
Mon Feb 24 11:41:48 2003


I'm pleased to announce the Windows port of the GEAM project.

For the people who don't know GEAM, here is a short summary:
GEAM is a specialized mail transport agent (MTA) which takes
care of encrypting all messages leaving your company.
Encryption can be configured using flexible configuration
files (similar to the email aliases file). Incoming mail can
optionally be decrypted when the decryption key has been
installed. The software uses the PGP/MIME standard (RFC3156)
for handling the mail

GEAM is transparent for a user and can be used to make email
communication much more secure without the need for training
all users. Migration to desktop based encryption can easily
be done on a per user base.

Additional features for the Windows port:

Due to the fact that most Windows users have no static IP addresses,
I decided to add POP3 support into the program.

In contrast to other available 'secure proxies' GEAM is a truly
daemon without any user interaction. All stuff is configured via
the config files.

The dist tarball contains example config files and a german HTML
manual. The README file describes an example installation (in English!)
to help the non-German speaker.

The version was tested on Win9X but it should also work on all
other Windows versions (XP, NT, 2K, ME) too.

Currently there is no website available, but you can download the
zip archive here:{.asc}

Please remember to contact me when you've a problem with the Windows
version and not the original author of Geam (Werner Koch) [when your
question/problem is a Windows related problem].

Any feedback is welcome. Even if I found no problems during my tests,
please except some strange behaviours and some bugs in this version.


"Ich habe das Interesse an meiner eigenen Frage verloren." -- John Cage