Announcement for WinGEAM 0.9.0

Heiko Teichmeier
Mon Feb 24 13:26:01 2003

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Hi Timo,

I'm happy to hear --- *GEAM lives*!!!
I'd would install and test the Linux-GEAM for a long time, but my time
is not enough to learn all the linux software what I must daily (mail-,
fax-, http-, ftp- and other more servers) install and configure.
In this time I must learn basics about gpg too, so I think, I'm not
ready to use GEAM only with commandline without know all basics about
subkeys, edit-key and so on.
I would be happy, if Linux-GEAM get more maintainers with a little bit
of time. Then could it get a little (Web-)GUI with several scripts to
manage. That could be a great thing for many of users and especaly
Timo Schulz schrieb:
> Hi!
> I'm pleased to announce the Windows port of the GEAM project.
> For the people who don't know GEAM, here is a short summary:
> ##
> GEAM is a specialized mail transport agent (MTA) which takes
> care of encrypting all messages leaving your company.
> Encryption can be configured using flexible configuration
> files (similar to the email aliases file). Incoming mail can
> optionally be decrypted when the decryption key has been
> installed. The software uses the PGP/MIME standard (RFC3156)
> for handling the mail
How many MUA can handle PGP/MIME without problems? Can PGP-Software
handle this pretty? I think most of the user use OpenPGP.
Do you know: Can the Linux-GEAM handle OpenPGP?
> GEAM is transparent for a user and can be used to make email
> communication much more secure without the need for training
> all users. Migration to desktop based encryption can easily
> be done on a per user base.
> ##
> Additional features for the Windows port:
> Due to the fact that most Windows users have no static IP addresses,
> I decided to add POP3 support into the program.
> In contrast to other available 'secure proxies' GEAM is a truly
> daemon without any user interaction. All stuff is configured via
> the config files.
> The dist tarball contains example config files and a german HTML
> manual. The README file describes an example installation (in English!)
> to help the non-German speaker.
> The version was tested on Win9X but it should also work on all
> other Windows versions (XP, NT, 2K, ME) too.
> Currently there is no website available, but you can download the
> zip archive here:
> Please remember to contact me when you've a problem with the Windows
> version and not the original author of Geam (Werner Koch) [when your
> question/problem is a Windows related problem].
> Any feedback is welcome. Even if I found no problems during my tests,
> please except some strange behaviours and some bugs in this version.
>         Timo

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