Announcement for WinGEAM 0.9.0

Timo Schulz
Mon Feb 24 20:13:02 2003

On Mon Feb 24 2003; 13:23, Heiko Teichmeier wrote:

> How many MUA can handle PGP/MIME without problems? Can PGP-Software
> handle this pretty? I think most of the user use OpenPGP.
> Do you know: Can the Linux-GEAM handle OpenPGP?

Windows MUA's? IIRC only Becky and the Eudora with the new Plugin.

The original GEAM *only* supports RFC3156 (OpenPGP/MIME). Classical-PGP
or, with another name Inline-PGP is not supported for good reasons!
It does not encrypt attachments and it has other problems.