can't change the primary uid on a RSA key

Maxine Brandt
Wed Feb 26 05:37:02 2003

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  Clemens Buchmann <> wrote on
  Mon, 24 Feb 2003 17:50:39 +0100

 > I'm mailing this again, cuz none of my previous mails were
replied so I
 > think they might got lost or whatever nasty things can happen
to a mail.
 > Would be fine if someone will take notice of this report. TIA
 > I have a RSA key which is made with pgp-6.5.8, because
 > generates singing only RSA keys. So I imported that key into
my gpg
 > here, added a uid and now I can't change the primary uid. The
second uid

Reading your post mpre carefully, I see that your KEY, not just
the additional self-signature, is RSA v3, in which the same key
is used for signing and ancryption. In PGP 6.5.8 you can tick
the v4 option for RSA
keys and this will create a signing key with a subkey for
But as I said in the previous post adding a new identity in PGP
6.5.8 will give you a v3 self-signature. If you create your v4
key in PGP you can add an identity in GnuPG and it will have a
v4 signature.


Maxine Brandt
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