Listing the signatures of a certain UserID

Olaf Gellert
Thu Jan 2 13:29:04 2003


I am using GPG as basis for a certification script. The
signing I actually do with

 gpg --yes --edit keyID number_of_uid sign save

What I would like to do is to list all the signatures for
a certain userid (before signing it). I can use

 gpg --edit keyID number_of_uid check

but this lists just the signatures, for which keys are
present in the keyring (the keyring on the certification
host will usually not contain more than the key to be
signed and the key of the certification authority).

Or I can do
 gpg --list-sigs keyID
and then use a quite complex matching algorithm like
- read until a line starting with "uid" or "pub" occurs
- get all the following lines beginning with sig, stop
  on the first thing other than sig (is this correct?
  or do I have to stop at the first occurence of another
  "uid" entry?)

This way I would have to remeber which signatures were
following which UID (and I would run into troubles if
some key had two or more uids with the same text (but
with different signatures).

Yes, I know, this is a little bit theoretic, but anyways,
I would like to get a listing of all signature belonging
to one uid (using the number that is displayed by --edit-key
as a reference).

Any ideas or solutions?

Thanx a lot... 



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