gnupg and subkeys

Werner Koch
Tue Jan 7 22:10:02 2003

On 07 Jan 2003 21:03:58 +0100, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder said:

> [replies please only to one of the mailing lists]

That's what "Mail-Followup-To:" would be used for.

>  * subkey creation: should offer to expire the subkey at the same time
> as the primary, if the primary has an expiry date set. (To discuss:

Not required: An expired primary key renders the subkey unusable
because the primary key is used to bind the subket onto the primary.  

>  * secret key merging: I'd consider this one a bug and not just a ui
> inconvenience:
> where testuser.c is the crippled and testuser.s the full secret key.

I don't understand this.

>  * subkey eyports: (ok, this one is really just a whishlist item): Much
> shuffling around with exported keys and re-importing them could be
> avoided if the above bug was fixed and 
> $ gpg --export-secret-[sub]key <subkeyid>! 
> would export a stripped down version of the secret key containing only
> the primary [dummy] key and the specified subkey.

That makes sense.