armoring without encrypting or signing?
Wed Jan 8 00:21:02 2003

is it possible to just armor a file without signing or encrypting,
as in the old pgp 2.x command: 
pgp -a filename.XXX  

i had a situation where i needed to send a word document to someone who 
couldn't/didn't want to receive attachments,
so it was necessary to include the word.document as text within the message block

i tried:
gpg --armor d:\addend1.doc
and got the following error message:

gpg: [don't know]: invalid packet (ctb=00)

i was able to do:
pgp -a d:\addend1.doc
and got d:\addend1.asc

then did,
pgp -d d:\addend1.asc

and got d:\addend1 with pgp confirmation that the plaintext filename was
d:\addend1.doc ,

and then simply re-named d:\addend1 to d:\addend1.doc
and the word document opened successfully

i tried the same thing in gnupg using:
gpg -s --armor d:\addend1.doc
and got d:\addend1.asc 

but do not know how to restore the file from that, back into the original .doc format

is there a way to do this in gnupg?
{an equivalent to the pgp -d command, or any other way?

the person i need to send this to, uses gnupg but not pgp2.x
and even if he did, the entire message needs to be signed and then encrypted to his dh key}

with Respect,


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