gnupg and subkeys

Werner Koch
Wed Jan 8 19:56:01 2003

On 08 Jan 2003 15:06:46 +0100, Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder said:

> When I have two secret keys differing in the subkeys (or in the presence
> of the primary), gpg can't import both secret keys to produce one merged
> secret key. After the first secret key import, it will always say

You mean you already have a secret key with a dummy primary one
(created using --export-secret-subkeys) and then you try to import the
the full secret key.  This is indeed poossible.  The workaround is to
delete the existing key first.  It does not make much sense to merge
secret keys because we assume that you always know where your most
recent and up to date secret key is stored.

The entire secret key stuff will be changed in 1.9 and so I don't see
a reason to fix something now - it would make the code more complex
which is bad especially when dealing with secret keys.