Problems using --keyring

Carl B. Constantine
Wed Jan 15 16:32:01 2003

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I'm trying to host a GPG Signing party for members of our LUG (VLUG -- as described in this excelent article: However, the
--keyring option in GnuPG doesn't seem to be working.

I exported a bunch of keys to a separate file from my current public
keyring. if I run gpg --fingerprint --keyring newkeyfile.gpg, I get
fingerprints from my regular public keyring not the new file. It doesn't
seem to matter if the gpg file is in armor ascii or binary format.

Also, commands like this: gpg --import keyfile.asc --keyfile newfile.gpg
do not work either, ie: it won't create ~/.gnupg/newfile.gpg or even
~/newfile.gpg, it just imports into my regular public keyring.

I've tried this using GnuPG 1.2.1 on Debian 3.0 and RedHat 8.0 to the
same effect.

Is there a setting I'm missing? How can I manage multple public
keyrings? I don't see any docs on this other than the information about
--keyring in the man pages.

Thanks in advance.

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