Using IDEA

Charly Avital
Thu Jan 16 08:16:02 2003

At 7:14 PM +0100 1/15/03, wrote:
>We are trying to use the IDEA algorithm to decrypt a number of files sent
>to use.  We have obtained idea.c and compiled it, placed it in $HOME/lib
>and added the 'load-extension idea' line to the options file.  gpg is not
>able to find/load the extension though.  Could someone please give us a
>pointer or to?  I am sure the answer is very simple but we haven't been
>able to work it out.
>We are using gpg 1.2.1 on Solaris 8 Unix.
>Owen Singleton


I have noticed a previous post about your compiling problems.

I have no experience whatsoever with Solaris, but this is the way I have
loaded the idea.c module when compiling 1.2.1 for Mac OS X.

Perhaps it would work for Solaris too (?):

Downloaded the idea.c module from GnuPG's site, and patched it for PPC and
other big endian processors, with a patch and instructions provided by
David Shaw.
Please note that the current idea.c module available from the Danish ftp
site posted in GnuPG,has been patched for PPC and other big endian
Placed it in 1.2.1 source code in the 'cipher' directory.
Built 1.2.1 from that "amended" source code.

Hope this helps.