Command line option

St. D. Leedle <> St. D. Leedle <>
Tue Jan 21 11:14:02 2003


Just one short question I couldn't find the answer for in the manual:

On doing a symmetric encryption with a password (to encrypt a file
without using public and secret keys) I wan't to write a
script (batch file or simmilar) to do the work for me. Is there a
command line option to give the gpg.exe the password? Either on
decryption or even on encryption?

Thanks for help, and please don't be angry with me if I overread the
option in the manual!

Greetings, St. D. Leedle AKA Verlorene Seele

PS: I _will not_ write the password into the script, please believe
me, I'm sane!