question about zip

Bohuslav Říha
Wed Jan 22 11:07:02 2003

Hi, I would like to ask a question:

- is it possible to define maximal file size when ciphering/zipping a file?

I need to cipher and zip +-20GB file and I need the final file to be
separated to more files that I can burn onto CDs (the compression rating
should better then 80%).

Is it possible in one step? Or do I need to cipher the file with no
compression, and then use for example rar to pack it?

Also - I hope there is no limit related to the file size (is it possible to
cipher/zip so big files I hope).

I need to use win32 version of GnuPG and symmetric cipher. OS is W2K
Advanced server.

Please help. Thank you, kind regards B. Riha.