KMail Crypto Plugins

Tue Jul 1 03:20:02 2003

On Monday 30 Jun 2003 9:27 pm, Ingo Kl=F6cker wrote:

> In case you don't find Debian packages: On there's a
> short howto which describes how to compile the necessary packages
> yourself.

Thanks for that Ingo.  I can now send PGP/MIME messages if required :-) =20
However, the documentation says that with the OpenPGP plugin I can use=20
S/MIME encoding as well as OpenPGP.  I sometimes have to do this, but I=20
can't find out how to set up S/MIME in KMail.  If I've missed it,=20
apologies, but could you refer me to the URL where there is any=20
information on this.