Differing File Sizes & GPG Symmetric Decryption Failure After ~4G

Packard, Matthew Matthew.Packard@Umassmed.edu
Wed Jul 2 14:45:02 2003


    Thanks for your quick response - I compiled 1.2.2 (BTW had a weird 
issue with make and the ./tools/Makefile - complained about libcipher.a 
- I did a make clean and reran configure and it went OK). I'm in the 
process of decrypting the ~8G file right now (1.2.2 seems to decrypt a 
lot faster and with less CPU consumption - nice work), and I'll let you 
know how things turn out.

    But my new question is this - I searched through the man pages, the 
FAQ, Google, etc. and did not find any switches relating to the partial 
length headers option you mention. So, does that mean that GPG performs 
this under the hood, or do I need to supply a switch on 
encryption/decryption that will enable this? Also, is my current ~8G 
file no good after ~4G, since it doesn't look like I used partial length 
headers for the original encryption (not a big deal if the file is 
unusable, but it'd be nice to recover it)?

Thanks in advance,
Matthew Packard

Werner Koch wrote:

> On Tue, 01 Jul 2003 16:48:42 -0400, Packard, Matthew said:
> >     But the file on disk is 8195780694 bytes. Has anyone else run into
> > this issue? I'm running GPG on a SPARC, Solaris 9 (original revision),
> > and large file support appears to be available to GPG. If anyone has
> 2002-10-29  Werner Koch  <wk@gnupg.org>
>         * encode.c (encode_simple): Make sure that files larger than 
> about
>         4G use partial length encoding.  This is required because OpenPGP
>         allows only for 32 bit length fields.
> Unfortunately 1.2.1 was released 4 days earlier.  Please try 1.2.2 or
> if you have build problems, 1.2.3rc1 from the gcrypt/alpha/gnupg
> directory.
> > any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate some advice. BTW, I found no
> > reference to the keywords above in the archives, so if you do happen
> The output of --list-packets mostly refers to RFC2440.
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