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Ben Finney
Thu Jul 3 00:43:02 2003

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On 02-Jul-2003, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 Jul 2003 2:36 pm, David Shaw wrote:
> > Running just "gpg" is the same as running "gpg filename.gpg".
> > Without the filename, it just waits for you to paste filename.gpg
> > into its window :)

More accurately, it acts as a filter, and processes anything on 'stdin'
until end-of-file.

> note the word type - I kept trying to find a key sequence that would
> cause gpg to process the contents so far, empty lines, single . lines,
> q, x, quit, exit, etc. Only Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Z interrupt it and then,
> predictably, by stopping it.

Assumed knowledge: filters process 'stdin' (defaulting to input from the
keyboard) and put the processed output to 'stdout' (defaulting to the

Further assumed knowledge: Ctrl-D is the normal EOF (end-of-file)

Should this be explained verbosely at the interactive prompt?  No.  The
command-line prompts should be kept brief, leveraging existing

Interfaces with less assumed knowledge already exist, and should be
enhanced, rather than breaking the terseness of the command-line tool.

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