Newbie seeking mail client

David Shaw
Thu Jul 3 02:41:01 2003

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On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 11:17:57PM +0200, Thorsten Haude wrote:
> Hi,
> * David Shaw <> [2003-07-02 23:05]:
> >On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 10:40:46PM +0200, Thorsten Haude wrote:
> >> * David Shaw <> [2003-07-02 17:06]:
> >> >It is better to wait until you feel comfortable with your setup before
> >> >publishing your key.  You are being responsible by waiting.
> >>=20
> >> Speaking of which, is there a reason why you do not publish your key?
> >
> >See the Comment line in my signature.
> More to the point: Is there a reason why you don't publish your key in
> a way that would make it easier for any reader, namely the key servers?

I do.  Look for key 0x99242560 on any of the non-broken keyservers
(i.e. hkp:// or ldap://

People sometimes have a problem finding it as I use a signing subkey,
and most keyservers do not yet support searching by subkey ID.

Yaron has mentioned he will be adding this to the SKS keyserver at
some point, and that will solve this problem once and for all.


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