keyserver subkey searches (was Re: Newbie seeking mail client)

Jason Harris
Thu Jul 3 04:15:01 2003

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On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 08:42:05PM -0400, David Shaw wrote:

> I do.  Look for key 0x99242560 on any of the non-broken keyservers
> (i.e. hkp:// or ldap://
> People sometimes have a problem finding it as I use a signing subkey,
> and most keyservers do not yet support searching by subkey ID.
> Yaron has mentioned he will be adding this to the SKS keyserver at
> some point, and that will solve this problem once and for all.

ldap:// gets direct syncs sent in realtime from
me at and sends me nightly incrementals (which when
merged also get sent to  Thus, I consider
ldap:// well-synchronized and heartily recommend using
it, particularly when searching for subkeys (by long keyid or fingerprint).

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