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CL Gilbert
Fri Jul 4 16:11:02 2003

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R.Emory Lundberg wrote:
| On Thursday, July 3, 2003, at 7:59 PM, John Clizbe wrote:
|> I don't think Emory was arguing that the design/architecture of a Linux
|> worksatiion was no more secure than that of DOS, but that the *use* of
|> one, in the hands of an inexperienced user, often is. Usually, for the
|> exact reason Joseph mentioned, they login and run as root. They also
|> tend
|> to over-install and run network services which would be better left
|> disabled.

Well people do the same thing on windows.  How many gamers MUST be
administrators to play windows games? same.

I recently told my father about the outllook issues.  He is not computer
savvy but intelligent so I explained the whole situation to him.
Outlook is not a BAD program.  It does not matter what MS does, they
will always have problems because their programmers are no better than
Linux programmers, but their are a lot more people attacking windows
software to find bugs.

Its not their fault, but it is their problem.

| You couldn't be more correct.
| There is literally an outbreak of inexperienced administrators of
| newly-installed Linux hosts that cause more problems for people than an
| IIS webserver would, say, in the hands of competent administrators.
| The learning curve for Linux isn't as low as it could be yet.  This
| isn't news.  People often run as a privileged user to get around having
| to deal with things they don't have to deal with when they're root.
| Add to this the installation problems, maintenance, patches, there
| isn't anything as good as "Windows Update" or "System Update" that I'm
| aware of outside of RedHat Network - which may be great, but isn't the
| most user-friendly UI I've ever seen to a patch and update system.

Redhat Update, is as good or better than windows update.  It always
checks to see if you need an update and only flashes an icon.  Windows
update I have to run.  plus if i runn it in the background I cant trust
MS to not be doing something *extra.*  Plus when it finds an update it
wants to scream from the mountaintop.  I consider them both on par.

|> Different security designs because of OS heritages - DOS on signle-user
|> PCs; Unix evolving on networked shared timeshare systems. Unix/Linux
|> systems make the assumption that one knows what he is doing. That is
|> their
|> heritage. Windows approaches from the philosophy of making computers
|> <ack-ack> "easy to use". Microsloth wants you to eXPerienthhh your
|> computer (I want to *beat* the marketing-droids that created THAT
|> concept/campaign).
| :)  By all means, beat the marketroids into a bloody pulp.  My issue is
| that the answer to anyone's problem is to install <Insert GNU/Linux
| distribution here> and all their problems will be solved.
| That's crap.  It's crap and people KNOW it's crap.  Education and
| attitudes will ALWAYS win over throwing technology at a problem.
| Especially when as far as the user is concerned, THERE IS NO PROBLEM

Sorry, that is crap.  Education will not win anything because you will
*never* educate the people fast enough.  To some a computer is a tool
and they do not *want* to be educated.  How many Linux users also can
fix their own cars?  How many even have a service manual?

| The constant hand-wringing and "Oh, Golly.  I wish you wouldn't use
| Outlook, it sucks," is just really irritating and does nothing to help
| anyone seeking assistance.  It just annoys people and uses FUD to make
| them switch.
|> I agree that not running OE/Outlook (LookOut?) is a positive step. I
|> think
|> I once saw Outlook described as "A huge security hole with a small
|> e-mail
|> client attached". But I disagree that one must switch to Linux to get a
|> safe(r) email client. Clients exist for WIN32 that avoid all, if not
|> most,
|> of the problems stemming from MSFT's tight coupling of client and OS:
|> Mozilla/Phoenix, Beonex, Pegasus, Eudora, Becky, The Bat!,... Some of
|> these like Mozilla and Phoenix make encrytion/signing relatively easy
|> with
|> the Enigmail addon for GnuPG. Eudora supports a PGP plugin.

bah, what tight coupling?  You been reading those court documents again :D

The attitude seems to be 'you dont need any features' read your mail as
close to plain text as possible.  Thus, use another client.  End users
dont accept that.  Note: I am using mozilla on Linux, my wife sits a
mere 10 feet away using outlook express.  I personally do not want to be
the one to ask her to change ;)

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