Email Clients and digital signatures (OT?)

Fri Jul 4 18:17:02 2003

> > aware of outside of RedHat Network - which may be great, but isn't the
> > most user-friendly UI I've ever seen to a patch and update system.
> I agree with the general thrust for your argument, but not with this
> particular. What's wrong with apt-get?

No idea.  As I do not use it, I cannot comment on it.

I would imagine that it suffers from a variety of problems.  The GNU/Linux OS's out there seem to think everyone cares what version of gettext they're running, or what openssl release they use.

Nobody cares.  YOU may care.  I may care.  But we're an insignificant portion of the population using computers.  People want an update system to be easy and painless.  "The core components of your Computer are out of date, and your computer is getting the proper updates to these components to assure smooth and safe operation," are all my Mother and Sisters would ever want to see.  

You think it's bad being the family Computer Guy when they install a scanner?  How about when they're installing 25 updated binaries and libraries to fix a buffer overrun in something called "libgtk2"?

I'm finding it more and more difficult to remain on-topic for this list and obviously everyone else is too.  I'm not sure what proper protocol is for that, so I ask that if you want a reply to something on-list try to keep it related to the original topic?  It will only confuse people digging through archives later.
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