Signing & the "-" character

Johan Wevers
Sat Jul 5 14:32:02 2003

Abhay S. Kushwaha wrote:

>Whenever I sign an email message, any sentence starting with the dash
>character "-" gets an additional "- " prepended. So a sentence that is

>1. Why does this happen?

Because gpg is programmed to do so. :-)

>2. Is this intentional or a side effect of something?

This is intentional. It has to do with the fact that inline-messages are
scanned for lines beginning with -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----, and lines
with starting dashes could influence this scanning.

>3. Can this be avoided? If so, how?

Change the gpg sourcecode.

>BTW, I'm on Win32 if it makes any difference in this regard.

Not at all.

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