Email Clients and digital signatures

Ty Cabugao
Sun Jul 6 03:00:02 2003

Denis McCauley wrote:

> Proposing an OS to someone who is looking for an e-mail client
> is not very helpful, IMO.
> Outlook is very handy, as the original writer noted, as it
> combines calendar, contacts, etc,. However it does present
> security problems, and it does not handle PGP/MIME. My
> suggestion is to install Mozilla (or Netscape) with the Enigmail
> plugin, then drag the mailer shortcut icon to the Outlook
> shortcut bar. That way you can use a safer mail client from
> within your Outlook environment.
> Cheers
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I might also add that Mozilla also has a Calendar module you can 
download at It's sweet! And it 
follows the ical standard.

So, basically, you can have all the contacts, calendar, and email 
features that you like in Outlook!

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