Email Clients and digital signatures

Ty Cabugao
Mon Jul 7 00:45:01 2003

CL Gilbert wrote:

> My IE settings (which is the renderer outlook express is using say this
> for security.
> 1. Download Signed ActiveX control                ->Prompt
> 2. Download unsigned ActiveX controls                ->Prompt
> 3. Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe    ->Prompt
> 4. Run ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting        ->Prompt

I checked two of my Win2k machines, both with IE 6.0. I never have 
changed the "defaults" for the settings above (and I am the only user 
for these machines), but they are different from your "defaults". In 
fact, they're even different from each other. They have the same 
security patches and service packs... Anybody know why is this so?

Note: I believe everyone should use the OS of they are comfortable with 
when it comes to the balance between security and usability. I have 
recently started using Linux not because I hate MS. I have switched to 
Linux out of curiousity with the Linux/Unix world, and out of 
principle--I don't think I should have to ask permission to re-install 
my OS just because I decided to wipe my PC clean. I paid for it, damnit!...

Now, if I could just win the lottery and get me those PowerMac G5's!...