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Mon Jul 7 10:39:01 2003

Disclaimer: I just woke up and I'm cranky.

> | Especially when as far as the user is concerned, THERE IS NO PROBLEM
> Sorry, that is crap.  Education will not win anything because you will
> *never* educate the people fast enough.  To some a computer is a tool
> and they do not *want* to be educated.  How many Linux users also can
> fix their own cars?  How many even have a service manual?

I'm not sure your analogy is valid in this case.  In fact, it may be more applicable to my stance.  It seems to me that you're saying you can throw GNU/Linux at a person and make them "security savvy" and "competant" when this is obviously a fallacy.

If there is nothing wrong with my car, why do I need the manual?  If there is nothing wrong with Windows, and it works for me (it does not, but this is beside the point -) why do I need a new "car"?  Why do I need a new manual?  

My issue here is that if someone WANTS to change they will TEACH themselves or be TAUGHT by others by asking questions they do not know the answer to.  If the computer is a tool, by all means, let it be one.  Don't make it into a "lifestyle" that someone partakes in.

Simply repeating "Use Linux because 'M$' sucks" is tired, annoying, and doesn't help anyone.  Is this not a support medium?  Someone wants to use GNUpg to encrypt their email, they use Windows and Outlook and a bunch of jack-booted GNU-thugs kick in their door like an OpenSource gestapo and almost MOCK them for using Outlook!  "Please for the sake of all people on the Internet do not use Outlook!"

Also: Don't you mean for the sake of all Windows users that run Outlook?  (Why do you care about them anyway?)  - I can't attribute this quote right now - I believe it was the original person I replied to.

> The attitude seems to be 'you dont need any features' read your mail as
> close to plain text as possible.  Thus, use another client.  End users
> dont accept that.  Note: I am using mozilla on Linux, my wife sits a
> mere 10 feet away using outlook express.  I personally do not want to be
> the one to ask her to change ;)

It took me almost a year to get my girlfriend convinced that maybe Hotmail wasn't so hot after all.  She likes though.

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