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CL Gilbert
Tue Jul 8 19:26:02 2003

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Daniel Carrera wrote:
| Hello all,
| I've been looking at ING, and I think that they should be using GPG.
ING is a
| huge bank, but they deal with their customers entirely through the
phone or the
| internet.
| Their website says that personal account information can only be given
over the
| phone because email is not secure.

BS.  And a 4 digit phone pin which comes through snail mail is secure?

Lukasz has an excellent answer.  currently most online institutions I
deal with simply use a password.  this is much less secure than a pub key.

I would CERTAINLY LOVE to have they accept my public key for all of my
future authentication.

I have disabled ssh passwords on my Linux box in favor of gpg key logins
because they cant be hacked like a pwd.  plus I don't have to remember
them as long as I have my key with me.  I would love to have a ring with
a RFID in it that could authenticate me :D  but only if its my *choice*
and not a requirement.

| I want to suggest they use GPG, but honestly I'm not sure how they'd
go about
| doing that.  Authenticating the user is not a problem.  They can ask
for a
| physical letter with my fingerprint and physical signature (which they
have on
| file) and then have me phone them, authenticate myself, and then
verify the
| signature over the phone.
| The problem lies in how the user would authenticate ING.  Would ING
have a
| corporate-wide GPG key?  You can't just have a single common
passphrase for every
| employee in the bank.  And they can't have a different key for every
| since that would be an authentication nightmare for users.

well when you walk into the back to give then your publick key on disk,
they can give your theirs.  Then you will know every key signed by that
key is authorized to send you info.

| Does GPG have a solution for this kind of problem?  Is there a way to
have a
| corporate signature?


| If there is one, I will send a suggestion to ING.

Thats a good idea.  Maybe charge a consulting fee as well :)

| Cheers,
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