newpg won't compile (RANT!)

Mark H. Wood mwood@IUPUI.Edu
Mon Jul 14 15:55:02 2003

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Some things you did *not* do:

o  You didn't show us the error message.  Paraphrases often leave out
   critical information.
o  You didn't tell us whether you looked in config.log to see *why*
   libgcrypt-config couldn't be found, and if so, what you saw there.
o  You didn't tell us whether you looked in configure to see how it is
   searching for libgcrypt-config, and how you compared that to where you
   expect it to be found.
o  You didn't tell us where your libgcrypt-config originally was before
   you began copying it.  'locate libgcrypt-config' might help you here,
   if you haven't already done that.  'which -a libgcrypt-config' would be
   a good idea as well.

autoconf is nice when it succeeds, but the occasional failure can be quite
puzzling.  The more information, the quicker the cure.

BTW would someone please remind me what "newpg" is -- I can't find it

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