newpg won't compile (RANT!)

Werner Koch
Thu Jul 17 10:06:02 2003

On Wed, 16 Jul 2003 20:47:48 -0400, John Aldrich said:

> I finally gave up and just installed libcrypt from the tarball and skipped the 
> whole blasted RPM for that one. Checkinstall seems to work for just about 


> I will say this... it's a LOT more complicated these days to just GPG sign a 
> message than the "good old days" where you just created a GPG signature and 
> told KMail which signature to use... *sigh*

Although I am not a KMail user, I have to agree that the new system is
not as matured as gpg 1.2.  I am slowly working towards gnupg 1.9
which will iron out some of the problem we encountered with newpg.



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