newpg won't compile (RANT!)

John Aldrich
Thu Jul 17 02:46:01 2003

On Monday 14 July 2003 12:21 pm, Werner Koch wrote:
> Well, but you forgot to include detailed error inforamtion, like why
> libgcrypt-config was not found.  No /usr/local/bin in the PATH is
> quite a common problem especially if one builds as root.
[snip my aggravation]
> Hundreds of other people don't have these problems, so your
> environment seems to be a bit uncommon.  If you provide more detailed
> info (e.g. config.log) we might be able to help you.
> OTOH, I am not too keen helping folks demanding assistance in such a
> harsh way .-)
Thanks for your help. I apologize. I was working hard on not expressing my 
frustration too openly. :-)
I finally gave up and just installed libcrypt from the tarball and skipped the 
whole blasted RPM for that one. Checkinstall seems to work for just about 
everything else... Oh, btw, I *did* manually run the install since I FUBARed 
the command-line options for Checkinstall to auto-install. :-) And I ran 
"ldconfig" about a dozen times... :-)
In any event, I'm past that stage and got NewPG to compile and install a 
couple days ago, but I've been on vacation and away from my computer for a 
couple days, so I don't recall exactly where I am in the process.. 
I will say this... it's a LOT more complicated these days to just GPG sign a 
message than the "good old days" where you just created a GPG signature and 
told KMail which signature to use... *sigh*