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Ben Finney
Wed Jul 16 05:27:02 2003

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On 15-Jul-2003, CL Gilbert wrote:
> Ben Finney wrote:
> > On 15-Jul-2003, CL Gilbert wrote:
> > > documentation seems to suck.  Maybe one day I will stumble upon
> > > how.
> > I'm sure the documentation team would appreciate any patches you
> > wish to submit to improve the documentation.
> Not going to be easy submitting documation patches to describe
> something I have yet to figure out how to do.

Understood.  However, once you do, you'll be in an ideal position to
suggest a specific change to the documentation to improve it.

> > > It should just be intuitive...
> > No program interface is intuitive.  All of them are learned.  They
> > may be easier or harder for individuals to learn, but this varies
> > wildly with that individual's existing knowledge and assumptions,
> > which themselves change over time.
> Just a tad bit of oversimplification don't you think?

Your expectation that "it should just be intuitive" is an unrealistic
expectation.  Software interfaces are not "intuitive" objectively, they
can only be easier or harder for *an individual* to use.  Every
interface to software must be learned, and how hard it is to learn
depends on what existing knowledge and expectations the user has.

It may be possible to make an interface *easier*, for a certain class of
users; but it's not at all obvious that this will make it easier for
everyone, nor that it will avoid making it *harder* for some.

So, rather than expecting that "it should just be intuitive" (which is
an impossibility), it would be more constructive to suggest (to the
maintainers of the software) what specific changes you'd like to see in
the software, to make it easier for some people.

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