Kmail plugin progress

John Aldrich
Sun Jul 20 00:22:02 2003

On Saturday 19 July 2003 05:54 pm, Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
> Well, I actually got the kmail plugin to function...except for that little
> button in the configuration window that says Start Certificate Manager. 
> That still crashes everytime.  Since I can now sign and enter a passphrase,
> etc, I assume the gpg-agent is functioning.  If the certificatemanager
> issue is strictly a kmail problem, let me know and I'll haunt whatever mail
> list they may have.
Good luck! I'd like to know how you got it working since I can't get my 
signatures to work. I keep getting a "bad passphrase" and it NEVER asks me to 
verify which key I want to use! :-(