Kmail plugin progress

Robin Lynn Frank
Sun Jul 20 01:04:04 2003

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On Saturday 19 July 2003 03:23 pm, John Aldrich  wrote:
> On Saturday 19 July 2003 05:54 pm, Robin Lynn Frank wrote:
> > Well, I actually got the kmail plugin to function...except for that
> > little button in the configuration window that says Start Certificate
> > Manager. That still crashes everytime.  Since I can now sign and enter a
> > passphrase, etc, I assume the gpg-agent is functioning.  If the
> > certificatemanager issue is strictly a kmail problem, let me know and
> > I'll haunt whatever mail list they may have.
> Good luck! I'd like to know how you got it working since I can't get my
> signatures to work. I keep getting a "bad passphrase" and it NEVER asks me
> to verify which key I want to use! :-(

I stuck that eval line about 120 some-odd lines down in /usr/bin/startkde. =
Restarted the computer, and it worked (except certmanager).  The first time=
it asked me for the passphrase (only one private/public keypair accessible =
it).  Now comes the really ugly part.  The second message I sent was signed=
even though no passphrase was requested.   It was bad enough that kmail had=
that damned checkbox asking if I wanted to keep the passphrase in memory,=20
under the original system, but I can't see that I even have a choice with t=
plugin.  I would tell you what I think of any app that keeps a passphrase i=
memory, but my language would get really bad!!!

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