Diminished Disk Space after running file encryption

Richard Turner richardturner@zoom.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 21:35:04 2003

On or about 20/07/03 12:22, Neil Williams wrote:

>Check c:\windows\tmp or c:\windows\temp and delete all files there - you might get errors at deleting some that may be in use but delete the rest.
Already did that - very little change as I keep the number of tmp files 
to a minimum anyway.

>Also use Control Panel to delete all temporary internet files, sometimes 
>people don't realise just how big they've allowed the cache to become - there is a slider to control the size for next time.
I use Mozilla and the cache is kept at a very low level (10 Mb).  All 
temporary internet files are deleted.

>Windows 'should' do that each reboot (it does enough of 'em)
It sure does and has been rebooted quite a few times since!

>How big is the drive in total?
This partition on this HDD is just over 7 Gb - the disk is around 20Gb 
(some is used for a couple of Linux distributions I'm trying to get 
running as I want and BeOS).  I have access to two other HDDs in the 
machine one of these has more than 40GB of spare space (It is attached 
via USB2, configured as G:).  The (372 Mb zip) file I was trying to 
encrypt was on that G: HDD.  It was very strange: I had a file manager 
called Opus running as GnuPG started to encrypt the file and the disk 
space available on the C: drive was about 680Mb and it was dropping 10 
Mb every few seconds.  Eventually counting to no space available, when I 
got a "Disk Clean Up" message from Windows 98SE.  GnuPG/WinPT did not 
throw any error message and just stopped - the file was not encrypted 
and I now had only 380Mb on the C: drive.  Earlier I had more than 1Gb 
of spare space and had run the program and got the same result (only 
380Mb of space left and the file not encrypted).  I cleared off a file 
to increase the available disk space to the 680Mb I mention above.

I have cleared out the temp files in C:\windows\temp - but does does 
GnuPG put its temporary/scratch files somewhere else maybe?

Thanks for your help,