Diminished Disk Space after running file encryption

Neil Williams linux@codehelp.co.uk
Sun Jul 20 22:48:02 2003

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On Sunday 20 Jul 2003 8:35 pm, Richard Turner wrote:
> >How big is the drive in total?
> This partition on this HDD is just over 7 Gb - the disk is around 20Gb
> (some is used for a couple of Linux distributions I'm trying to get
> running as I want and BeOS).  I have access to two other HDDs in the

Any of those Linux distros in a fit state to run GnuPG themselves? Might=20
provide an illuminating insight. You could also use utilities like top that=
Windows doesn't offer (in case it's a memory leak leading to consumption of=
virtual memory). As an ordinary user in Linux, you should also be able to=20
find the temporary files more easily by watching ~/tmp and /tmp. (Top will=
show memory consumption and therefore allow monitoring of the swap space.)

> machine one of these has more than 40GB of spare space (It is attached
> via USB2, configured as G:).  The (372 Mb zip) file I was trying to
> encrypt was on that G: HDD.  It was very strange: I had a file manager
> called Opus running as GnuPG started to encrypt the file and the disk
> space available on the C: drive was about 680Mb and it was dropping 10
> Mb every few seconds.  Eventually counting to no space available, when I

I don't even get that size data stream when I record from vinyl to=20
uncompressed audio - ~40Mb / <4min track!=20

Maybe it's something like this affecting KMail:
That means that if you attach a 2MB file KMail might temporarily need about=
20-30 MB of virtual memory (=3D RAM + swap space).

370Mb =3D> 3.7 - 5.0 Gb!

The key is 'temporarily' - once KMail has finished, all this space is freed=
If something like this is happening to you then you might have to consider =
different method. You say it's a ZIP file - if that contains a collection o=
other smaller files, can you break the zip into smaller units and encrypt=20


Neil Williams


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