Diminished Disk Space after running file encryption

Mads Laursen gnupg@dossen.dk
Sun Jul 20 23:28:05 2003

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On 20/07/03 21.50, Neil Williams wrote:
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> On Sunday 20 Jul 2003 8:35 pm, Richard Turner wrote:
> Maybe it's something like this affecting KMail:
> http://docs.kde.org/en/3.1/kdenetwork/kmail/faq.html#id2838743
> That means that if you attach a 2MB file KMail might temporarily need abo=
> 20-30 MB of virtual memory (=3D RAM + swap space).
> 370Mb =3D> 3.7 - 5.0 Gb!
> The key is 'temporarily' - once KMail has finished, all this space is fre=
> If something like this is happening to you then you might have to conside=
r a=20
> different method. You say it's a ZIP file - if that contains a collection=
> other smaller files, can you break the zip into smaller units and encrypt=
> those?=20

Just to provide an additional datapoint (don't know if it helps, but
here goes): I recently had to encrypt a large file (>1GB), on a system
with 256MB ram + 1GB swap, and that worked flawless (while running
several other things in X) except for taking quite some time, so if
there is a serious memory consumption problem it is likely to be in

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