can`t verify signature

Nick Nolan
Thu Jul 24 07:05:02 2003

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On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 21:09:05 +0200
Ulrich Schneider <> wrote:

> 1. something like "no signed data" - here is the shell-output:
> sure@p4:~/pgp> gpg --verify Neue_FTP-Kennworte_f=FCr_Homepages
> gpg: keine unterschriebene Daten
> gpg: can't hash datafile:=20
> 2. something like "unexpected data" - shell-output:
> sure@p4:~/pgp> gpg --verify PGP_Signed_Mails
> gpg: verify signatures failed: Unerwartete Daten

I am pretty sure that the email problem is that it's trying to veryify the =
whole email rather than just the body which confuses GPG. To verify from sh=
ell copy/paste the body of the message into a text file then run:
gpg --verify foomail
note that that only works with clearsigned messages
for the seperate attached and mimed signatures save the message part to a f=
ile (i'll use foomail) and the signature part to another file (i'll user ba=
rsig) then type:
gpg --verify barsig foomail
or just use a mailer that supports all these gpg functions built in like sy=

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