Script with sensitive info

James R. Hendrick
Thu Jul 24 15:04:02 2003

You should look at Perl modules related to GnuPG.=20 has a number (if you search on gnupg)

I haven't had any personal experience using them, but it looks fairly =
straightforward. The one that looks most promising is GnuPG::Interface. =
It has functions for working with filehandles (needed to pass gnupg the =
passphrases, etc.) That way you could read the passphrase on startup and =
use it internally in the script.

Maybe someone with more experience directly using this module can chime =


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>    You *can* require that a human input that key when the script
>    starts up (maybe once per system boot). This still requires the key
>    stay in memory in the clear (better than disk, but still possible
>    to access).
> I like this idea.  So let me ask a simpler question (I'm a complete
> PGP/Gnupg novice): is there a good way to use Gnupg from within a Perl
> script to encrypt and decrypt a text string based on a user-supplied
> password?
> Many thanks,
> KJ
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