Revoke a public key w/o the secret key?

CL Gilbert
Fri Jul 25 21:04:02 2003

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Dan Egli wrote:
| Is this possible? Reason I'm asking is I found that some PGP Keyservers
| are still floating an old key of mine around that was SOPOSED to have
| revoked some time ago. I don't have the associated secret key anymore
so I
| cannot generate a revoke by simply using gpg --gen-revoke. Is there a way
| to generate a revoke certificate w/o having the secret key?

I sincerely hope not.  OTOH I heard someone suggest you take your new
key, and sign the old key.  Then export that to servers.  Then revoke
the signature.  Then export that to servers.  So while the old key will
still be in circulation and valid, at least others will see a revoked
signature on it with your name.

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