Revoke a public key w/o the secret key?

Dan Egli
Fri Jul 25 22:05:01 2003

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, CL Gilbert wrote:

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> Dan Egli wrote:
> | Is this possible? Reason I'm asking is I found that some PGP Keyservers
> | are still floating an old key of mine around that was SOPOSED to have
> been
> | revoked some time ago. I don't have the associated secret key anymore
> so I
> | cannot generate a revoke by simply using gpg --gen-revoke. Is there a way
> | to generate a revoke certificate w/o having the secret key?
> |
> I sincerely hope not.  OTOH I heard someone suggest you take your new
> key, and sign the old key.  Then export that to servers.  Then revoke
> the signature.  Then export that to servers.  So while the old key will
> still be in circulation and valid, at least others will see a revoked
> signature on it with your name.

I may try that. Thanks!

--- Dan