can`t verify signature

Steve Butler
Mon Jul 28 16:50:02 2003

That's not so bad as what I saw on that key.  That key had everybody's ID
(not just signed) as part of the key.

At my company we have to exchange corporate public keys to transfer
information via FTP files.  So, a corporate key doesn't both me that much.
I'm more bothered by an individual using their personal key to do corporate
business -- and one individual tried that trick.

However, it should be clear that the key is a corporate key and should only
have the ID of the group within the company with whom contact should be made
regarding the key.  I'd also expect that they key would change over time --
especially as people who knew the passphrase and had access to the secret
portion of the key left the company.

Should they be on a public key server?  Perhaps one dedicated to their type
of industry.

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On 26-Jul-2003, Gustavo Vasconcelos wrote:
> I didn't get it. What is the problem on using a corporate key

The fact that a corporation is not an individual.

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