John Clizbe
Mon Jul 28 19:32:38 2003

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Ivan Fernandes wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to work out how to use the GPG software. I have unzipped
> gnupg-w32cli-1.2.1 and created entries in my registry file by running
> gnupg-w32.reg. I have created a folder "gnupg" in my local C:\ drive.
> There are 4 exe files (gpg.exe, gpgkeys_ldap.exe, gpgsplit.exe, gpgv.exe),
> but I dont know how to get started. I have been looking at the read me files
> and pdf manual, but they just talk about the command lines. I have read the
> online help (FAO and HOWTO) but again there is no step by step on how to get
> started.
> Please could you tell me which exe file I am supposed to use and how to
> start encrypting a file. From what I have told you, have I actually
> installed the software?
> Many thanks for you help
> Ivan
Yes, you have the software installed.
First you need to be sure that the gpg folder is in your PATH, either by
adding it to the SET PATH line in autoexec.bat (for win9x) or the PATH
environment variable for Win2k&XP (Control Panel --> System --> Advanced
- --> Environment variables). Changes normally require a reboot at this point.

Then open a command-line window (start -> Run  COMMAND.COM for Win9x,
CMD.EXE for Win2000&XP)

At the prompt enter "gpg --help" (w/o the quotes) and hit return.
If it runs, you're set to go.

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