Abhay S. Kushwaha
Mon Jul 28 13:31:02 2003

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Hello Ivan:

Yes, you have installed the software. Since you are a beginner like
me, I strongly suggest using WinPT. It gives you a window interface
to work with. Visit and get yourself the
latest 0.7.96 binary. It will use a Windows installer. I am using it
myself and have not gone in to the commandline to use it for most of
my basic needs yet while I learn to use it.


On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 16:33:38 +0100, Ivan Fernandes wrote:

> I am trying to work out how to use the GPG software. I have unzipped
> gnupg-w32cli-1.2.1 and created entries in my registry file by
> running gnupg-w32.reg. I have created a folder "gnupg" in my local
> C:\ drive.
> There are 4 exe files (gpg.exe, gpgkeys_ldap.exe, gpgsplit.exe,
> gpgv.exe), but I dont know how to get started. I have been looking
> at the read me files and pdf manual, but they just talk about the
> command lines. I have read the online help (FAO and HOWTO) but again
> there is no step by step on how to get started.
> Please could you tell me which exe file I am supposed to use and how
> to start encrypting a file. From what I have told you, have I
> actually installed the software?
Version: GnuPG v1.2.2 (MingW32)