gpg usage w/ pine

RJ Marquette
Tue Jun 3 23:34:01 2003

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Bob Holtzman wrote:

> display-filters  = _LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----")_ /usr/bin/gpg-check
>                     _LEADING("-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----")_ /usr/bin/gpg-check
> sending-filters  = /usr/bin/gpg-sign
>                    /usr/bin/gpg-encrypt _RECIPIENTS_
>                    /usr/bin/gpg-sign+encrypt _RECIPIENTS_

Try _BEGINNING("<blah>")_ instead of LEADING.

(If you've already tried this, sorry--I wasn't paying attention.)

I think they changed that a couple versions ago.

RJ  <G>  :)

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