Virtual Keysignings

Ingo Klöcker
Fri Jun 6 01:20:03 2003

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On Thursday 05 June 2003 22:05, Ryan Malayter wrote:
> I'm at Microsoft's big TechEd conference in Dallas, and am angry at
> myself for not organizing a key signing here. What an opportunity for
> the web-of-trust: 10,000 technical professionals, a large portion of
> which must use OpenPGP or at least know what it is. These techies
> could then extend all that trust to all the keys on their managed
> networks.
> Now granted, this is a Microsoft show, so the population of GnuPG
> users would be much lower than at say a Linux conference, but the
> opportunity is there.
> Have key signings been done at other technical trade shows, and if so
> how successful were they in extending the web-of-trust?

So far I attended at one key signing party (at LinuxTag 2002). There I=20
gathered 38 signatures (if I counted correctly). Since then I'm in the=20
top 100 of the best connected keys (cf. Jason's keyanalyze report).=20
This should answer your question.


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