Expiry and subkeys

Ben Finney bignose@zip.com.au
Fri Jun 6 03:42:02 2003

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Howdy all,

I've reached a state of confusion over how to properly handle key

When I initially set up my main key pair, I set an expiry date.  That
expiry date has passed, and I've created a new subkey with a new expiry
date.  However:

I can't decrypt old messages from before the expiry date (i.e. encrypted
to my old key).

In the last week (long after the key expired) I now get errors when
attempting to sign or encrypt; "no subkey for keyid DEADBEEF" where
DEADBEEF is the expired subkey ID.

How do I diagnose this -- what information do I need to give so someone
can help me understand what's gone wrong?

And, in the larger view, how should key expiry be handled, both at key
creation and at the time the key expires?

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