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CL Gilbert
Fri Jun 6 05:27:02 2003

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Daniel Luebke wrote:
| Hi Everybody!
| I have a question about keysigning: What do you think of signing a
| person (or having a keysigning party) which is conducted through a video
| link?
| On the one hand it would be a great opportunity to establish trust (you
| can show your passport into the camera, the picture must match the
| person), on the other hand you're doing this through an untrusted medium
| (internet- or telefon-line-link) which you could indicate through the
| sig-class?
| What are your opinions about this topic?
| Thanks
| Daniel

I really only intend to sign keys for my own benefit.  That is, I sign
keys so that I can be sure the person I received the assignment from is
the same as the person I am submitting it too.  It's not important for
me, who anybody is.  Its only important that once they are who they are,
they stay that way...

So I am totally cool with using nicnames and whatever.  The signature
for me is more about knowing who a person is, rather than what their
name/ID/Picture is.

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