Newbie question - how to include the pass phrase in the command

Charly Avital
Sat Jun 7 00:54:02 2003

At 2:27 PM -0600 6/6/03, Ping Kam wrote:

>I have also try to trust the keys but I am getting the 'Invalid long keyID'
>error.  Any idea how to do this?  Where can I find the long KeyID?

You could try:
% gpg --list-key --with-colons [short key ID 8]

and if you want to have the long key ID for *all* the keys in your keyring:
% gpg --list-keys --with-colons

>  > You really should read up on the web of trust.
>Not until I get this working.

You really should, but it's up to you.