Phil Zimmermann interview

Sun Jun 8 14:18:01 2003

For info, Phil Zimmermann has done an interview here :

But what he says about the GNU GPL encryption softwares can be 
understood by the professional users like a critic against GnuPG... :-(

Quotation :

" PRZ - I am familiar with the GNU GPL and the BSD license.

Q - Could they have been an alternative for PGP instead of making it 

PRZ - There is a place for products under different licenses. There is a 
place for products under the GNU GPL, also cryptographic products. 
However, GNU GPL is not enough for everyone's needs. Some software needs 
to be sold for profit. Some software can not depend on hobby-programming 
conducted on weekends and other spare-time by programmers having other 
day-jobs. There is a place for that. But PGP needs more focused 
development than that. "

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